A tiny tongue

This is a yearling hoggie tongue :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow great shot!

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Sadly not my best work. I only do hand held, I can’t use a tripod… I find it restricts movement…So today I was hellish shakey. It’s a fun pic so thought I would share it

No excuses required that was an excellent shot! What iso and shutter speed did you use, its so rare that I get a tounge flick without blurring.

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I honestly cannot remember I think ISO about 18. Shutter speed I know know without looking. I always get tongue shots but mostly following the snakes behaviour too

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Have you tried a monopod? When I was doing tabletop product shots for a former business, I much preferred it to the tripods… It was also great for filming the kids school musicals. Reached up almost 6’, so in the chair it was over everyone’s head!

I have a monopod but as I like to get in close I just need to move the camera with the animal if you get me. I can’t use light boxes as I find them too restricting. Some days better than others. I will have another go at this :slight_smile: