A very tiny kingsnake

This is my 4 year old blizzard California kingsnake, Zero. She is very, very small for her age. I got her in 2017 and she was a year old then and was practically hatchling size. The breeder mentioned she was small for her age at the time. I’m wondering if she will ever get to a size where breeding is even a possibility. I have a similarly aged but very much full sized patternless chocolate pos het albino that I was planning to pair her with, but he just dwarfs her.

She has been fed weekly for the entire time I have had her, and in the summer I have been doubling on some weeks. I am praying for any sort of growth spurt, but I wonder if she will just be forever small.


What size food is she being fed?

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I just upgraded her to small mice. For the past year she was on large fuzzies, but even those still leave a noticeable bulge. I have other young snakes that I have fed the same way and have drastically outpaced her growth, and they are all younger.

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Sounds like you might just have a runt. I have a roughly 4 year old rosy boa that is still only 55 grams at max. She has always eaten well but has just hardly grown. She was smaller than most rosies as a baby as well. I don’t ever expect her to get to a size that is safe for breeding, but I don’t mind having a pocket snake for 30 years.

So long as your snake is healthy and thriving is what matters. If you need a female for breeding, I would recommend purchasing another and having that girl as a pet only.


That’s pretty much what I’m thinking. It just really stings because she was an investment into a future breeding project and was fairly expensive. I love this snake so she isn’t going anywhere, but it will be hard finding another patternless blizzard like her.

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