A wild friend appeared!

Well garters are definitely out and about this year! Already seen a massively fat (or gravid) one that I couldn’t get my hands on but tonight this little man appeared. And I know it’s a boy cause while musking me something good he also exposed himself! Scandalous!

He’s in a container with bedding and a hide for the night so my gf can see him in person in the morning. Then he will be released near where I found him (but not in our neighbor’s doorway)


That’s a very cool snake. I’m only familiar w the eastern variety, stripey. Love the 2tone look of this guy…



All of the ones in our area (North East Texas) are checkered like this with tones of yellow, black, brown, and green.


Being a big ska fan I think they are VERY cool!


We have a huge storm rolling in and who do I see flushed out of his hiding spot? Looks like dude is back for a second stay at the MeerkatMorphs Hotel! I swear I think he remembered my scent cause after an initial freal out he settled down quick without musking or pooping. Didn’t feel like flashing me either.

Why exactly is it you are taking him inside instead of leaving him outside in a bush or something? Not only does that risk exposing your animals to pathogens, but it risks exposing him to pathogens from your animals as well. It also doesn’t allow for natural selection to take place. I could see a reason for it if it was an endangered species, but not otherwise. I have the same urge when I see baby birds falling out of their nest, but I refrain so natural selection can take place.

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Garters and snakes around here near the apartments are constantly getting killed. And with the amount of rain we are getting tonight it’s likely he would drown in a bush or someone find him and squish him. I don’t want to see either happen cause I’m a sucker for wild snakes.

Right now he’s in a small cube of a Tupperware I save to use strictly for wildlife and is in a separate room completely from my collection. The bedding gets tossed as soon as he (or any toad, snake, ect) gets let back outside. The hide I have is only ever used for wildlife and it gets scoured after use as well. I don’t handle unless it’s initial contact and releasing. Hands are similarly washed like crazy each time.

The risk is low that he could transmit anything. I’m just wanting to help wildlife when I can. If I continue to see him here where people can hurt him I’ll simply relocate him well away from people and to a place more appropriate in the middle of nowhere.