A win for maternal incubation, a fail for me

I hadn’t posted about this one yet, because I was waiting to see the outcome…but here we are.

A few years ago one of my female clowns (Mango) hatched out a reallly cool looking, unidentifiable clown hatchling that clearly had something more than clown, so I was eager for her next clutch to see if I could prove out another morph. It was also a great opportunity to prove out a male a G-stripe male (Bagel) from Travis, as he suspected that he also carried Acid.


Mango laid a beautiful clutch of 8 healthy eggs, no slugs on Sept 22nd and I decided to let her maternally incubate them

November 10th (day 50), eggs started to dimple a bit

On Nov 16th (day 56) she finally took a small rat and ate while coiled, so I figured we were probably getting close if she felt comfortable enough to eat.

and sure enough, November 18th (day 58) I checked on her to see this….

and gradually over the course of the last week, they all made their way out

8 beautiful healthy babies….that are all wild type (double het clown, g-stripe)

“Slurms MacKenzie”


I’m happy they’re healthy, alive and well (with a 100% hatch rate), but undoubtedly a little bummed

Back to the drawing board for my projects

However maternal incubation was an incredible experience, and I will definitely be leaning that way for future clutches


Congratulations Hilary for a successful maternal incubation and hatching! I would have been a worried nitwit the entire time! Even though you didn’t get what you were hoping for you got to experience something beautiful! Nature at its finest!

But of course you already know that! :pray::heart:


Congratulations on a beautiful clutch! How does maternal incubation work (do you have to change normal temps, humidity, any special things you did to help facilitate a healthy clutch?)


I actually didn’t change too much. I swapped out her multiple hides for one super large hide that was big enough to fit over her and the whole pile of eggs (so all the pictures you see are of me lifting up the hide and taking a picture under it), and put in a ton of sphagnum moss to keep it really humid. Other than that, I just let her handle it


Just wanted to post some updated pictures, because they’re adorable

Babies are still with mama until their first shed (a few are starting to get hazy), and she’s taking such good care of them. It’s incredible to watch

I will definitely be sad to have to separate them


Are you kidding me? Now I know why my boa Kaluha wanted to bite my face when I removed her babies!

Hilary this is one of the most heart-melting pictures I’ve ever seen because I never knew that some momma snakes mother their babies, at least for a short time!

Amazing! :heart::heart::heart: