Abandoned and neglected, possible morph(s)?

On Tuesday I received a message from a friend asking if I was interested in a snake that had been impounded after being neglected and abandoned in an apartment. I picked them up, gave everything a good clean out, and a feeding. I have no info at all in regards to age, gender, or morph, so I figured I’d ask everyone else’s thoughts on the latter. I’m leaning towards possibly Anery/Lavender.


Looks like Lavender at first glance. Could guess at gender if you post a photo of underside of tail. Definitely an adult so minimum of 3-4 years old.

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I’ll have to get the tail photo tomorrow as I’ve just fed them recently, since we’re still in the acclimation stage I don’t want to agitate to the point of a regurgitation in an already underweight animal. They’re pretty hand tame, so someone cared about this little guy or gal at some point.

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Here’s the tail.

Looks fairly male to me, but if you take a clear enough picture of the entire underside or wait until the next shed, you can do a subcaudal scale count to get a pretty good idea of sex.

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I’d wager male as well.

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Honestly my thought was male as well. He’s not my only corn, he’s actually my sixth (seventh snake overall). I just wanted other opinions to be sure, haha. He’s also been released from his impound hold, officially mine. Already got him a brand new hide, though he acclimated well and doesn’t spend all of his time out of sight anymore. Gonna be a spoiled baby the rest of his life.


Ghost (Hypo Anery) with an unusual lack of yellowing, something many find desireable. Charcoal could be present? Eyes are “typical” Anery but I have seen odd exceptions to the rule. I agree with likely male, by that tail pic.


I’m doubting on Ghost, as I do have a Ghost boy and even if you were to remove the yellows, they’re still very different in coloration. The new boy is much more washed out.

Oh, and I’ve gone this whole thread without revealing his name! He’s called “Cuddles”.

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Well, as another update now that I’ve gotten a good look at him, I’m gonna say you were most likely right. Found some scattered yellow while I had him out in the sun today.