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Hello my intro may be short. I like learning new things about Beardies and Boas. How other do thing and why compared to what I do. And something I’ve never understood with beardies is the T8 vs T5 HO. I know T8 is old tech and T5 is new Tech but how they work in a vivarium where there is not a screen and it’s fixed to the top of the vivarium. Is T5 what is the furthest it should it be from the beardies back. How close can they get to it. And is Arcadia what its cracked up to be. Come month 11 is there still a min of 10.0 uvb still? I have a uvb tester and tempted to try it. Would rather change a bulb 1 a year then every 6 months. But anyways. Hello all. I am a purchaser and a seller.

Hi, my name is Verne, and I am a self proclaimed reptile geek…lol. I absolutely love reptiles, but more specifically Ball pythons. I am a hobbyist working my way towards being a breeder. I can’t wait to meet a lot of cool people along the way, this should be a great journey!!!

Hello everyone from: “Off The Hook Reptiles” up here in the far north State of Minnesota! It’s good to see so many reputable and knowledgeable Breeders and hobbyists here in this mm community thread! Where we can talk, share and learn from one another! Looking forward to expanding our knowledge and connections in the industry here! have a BLESSED DAY EVERYONE! :slight_smile:

hi, my names jackie and i only breed piebald and clown plus combos and hets. everything i breed is to improve my own collection, and i sell the surplus. ive been breeding for about 10 years and sourced my collection from what i consider to be some of the best breeders in the uk

My name is Jeremy. I’m an upcoming breeder. I have a passion for reptiles. I love learning more about them and also educate people about them with the knowledge I’ve already have.

Hi there!!! I am Amanda! My husband and I are Reticulated and Ball Python enthusiasts and breeders!!! Well, he is the Retic guy, and I am the Ball girl! :wink:
I am looking forward to learning more about the Morph Market and showing you all what we have!!!

It started April 2016 when my son asked me to looked after his snakes. At that stage he had 3 corns and 2 ball pythons. I stick to the 3 corns (m and 2 x f). But loved the balls. Today have 50 balls. We live in South Africa in Western Cape.
I am Johan and my son is Hardus. We working with God’s creation and therefore we have the name:

Hi just starting out with ball python here hopefully in the next year or two on breeding and selling love all snakes and reptiles. So hope you guys will be willing to help me understand things I dont know about.

Hello my name is Brian and recently my two daughters convinced my wife and I to let them get one Banana Firefly Ball Python and a Raptor Leopard Gecko. We were not reptile people before hand. My how things have changed. We have since picked up a Cinnamon male Ball Python and started a reptile variety channel on youtube called RepTLife located at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHPSyyORCF1Te4AubEcXpCw . We also plan to go to NRBE this weekend and pick up some Display cages and snake racks as well as any Super Giant Geckos we find that we like and some female ball pythons. I am a hobbyist at the moment but the reptile bug has hit me hard. I am an IT person by trade and already have some plans for some mobile apps to help those of the hobby out. We reside in Florida.