Above and beyond

Proof not all zoos are bad and that some zoo keepers go above and beyond.


That is a amazing story Deb :blush: thank you for sharing it.

“Recently, we needed to repair the boundary wall of his isolated enclosure and he remained seated peacefully with his keepers by his side, even as the petrified workers hurried with their task,” said Patankar.”

Imagine the pressure your under at work when your customer is a crocodile, and he is sat watching you for errors :no_mouth::joy:


Most zoos especially in the USA do incredible work in saving species. We enjoy our zoos. Some food.for thought, I find it conflicting to be against zoos yet keep pets. I guarantee that the average pet owner doesn’t take care of their animals as well as a zoo does. This includes domestic cats and dogs (cats are strictly carnivores feeding them the bag cat food full of fillers is bad.

What an awesome and heartwarming story!