Aby Line Boas

I want to start a thread showing the Aby trait in boas. It’s an aberrant line founded by big mike from basically boas. I would like to see what combos everyone has added Aby to🙏 Pictured are a couple babies I produced from pairing a Salmon Hypo Aby X Hypo Het Anery


Nice to see some aberrant line stuff being focused on. Don’t seem to see them that often anymore.


I’m a big fan of the Aby line started by Basically Boas! I have a 2014 Hypo het Anery female from that line, she wasn’t from one of the Salmon crossings. I used to have her brother as well but unfortunately he passed away a few years ago unexpectedly. I paired up my female with a Anery het Kahl male this season and she just had her babies today!

Here’s a picture of her. I’ll post some pictures of her babies too. I’d love to add a couple more Aby’s from this line to my collection but they’re hard to find.


Great looking girl! Looking forward to seeing the babies. Hopefully there are some Aby ghosts in there?

Okay it took a while but here are some pictures of the favorites from my Aby line litter. The pairing was an Anery 100% het Kahl Albino to my Aby Line Hypo 100% het Anery female. The female was the result of a sibling breeding, Aby Line x Aby Line so I wanted to outcross the Aby line to get some fresh blood in. I’m holding back three from the litter : )


Got this male in 2010. Crazy attitude but amazing Breeder.


WOW! That boy is glowing


Possible Abys