Aby poss het super stripe litter

Thrilled over the first of this season’s litters. Pairing was an OT hypo het super stripe (Sunkist) to an aby male (Bacardi).
Dam - Sunkist:

Sire - Bacardi

It was a small litter of 5. I was hoping the SS gene would work in tandem with the aby’s tendancy to throw aberrencies, to produce thick stripes that would not be reduced by hypo. Additionally, the dam has exceptional color (she is 9 years this year), and the aby male has produced babies with excellent color in the past - color that stays, and doesn’t brown with age. This pairing will hopefully succeed on both fronts. I will be holding back the three stripes, and potentially the other hypo, to plug back into my SS projects down the road.

Goo + first shed pics.

Thanks for looking!


Wow they are incredible, love the super stripe stuff!


Holy moly- spectacular! I’ve never seen new baby boas, so that’s super cool to see!


Awesome looking neos. This is a great project to be working on and refining.


Just came across these gems!!! Super nice stuff! Really like the tails on the right super intense!


Thank you! I feel like these poss hets look better than some of my visual super stripe kids.

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Thank you! I try to document everything, sometimes it helps me notice things later down the line, and I always like keeping records on what I produce. :smile:


Thanks Randall! I’m definitely excited about it.

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Like that second to last baby is just insanely clean and crisp

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