Accidental Dekay's brown snake babies - husbandry help

Hi all,

Anyone experienced with brown snake husbandry? I could use some advice/thoughts on my unintended situation.

I have a few dekays brownsnake babies I was not expecting. I lifted up her water dish and saw 2, then I started digging… looks like 3 of the 6 survived. I put them in a ventilated container within the enclosure (easier to regulate temp and humidity) with a touch of substrate (bioactive from mama’s) and added some cut up canned snail. I have red wrigglers on hand as well. I was going to offer some of a small cut up worm if they don’t eat this. if they make it to Tuesday it will be raining and I can get wild snails and slugs, even with the risk of parasites I feel it would be worth it. One of them is weak and if they don’t eat they all wont make it.

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The only advise I can offer is how darned cute they are… but you already know that. I had a brown snake way back when. Fed it small garden worms. Parasites and all, I guess. Kept it from late Spring until late Summer. Released in plenty of time to do whatever they did. I was probably about twelve at the time…

All I can do is send strong vibes your way! When they get stronger, show us all a picture!

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I wouldn’t feed wild food. You can buy red wigglers, snails, and blood worms online parasite-free.


Definitely a good suggestion @erie-herps

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