Acrylic Show Display Cages

I’m having a hard time finding acrylic show display cages. I see that ARS, Animal Plastics, and Next Level Displays makes them. Are their any other options out there?


You may want to try local reptile pet stores. I know mine get a level in every now and then, or let people post flyers for cages/displays for sale. There are some sites that post used caging for sale, but don’t know the reliability/scam problems on them. Hope you find some, I know caging can be hard to find and sometimes a long time to receive in general from a lot of places.


Just got pricing from Next Level Displays and they are out of my price range! Maybe once I’ve been doing this for a while but for just starting out I’ll have to look at less expensive options.

Look up “Acrylic Displays” on FB. Original name, I know. But they advertise a lot and go to all the major shows.

A friend of mine got hers from DreamCo Plastics but I don’t know if they are in business anymore.

Also be careful with eBay. I’ve gotten a couple of good items in the past but customer service is a cr*p shoot and it can take a while to get your stuff.

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Thanks for the help! I looked for Dream co. Plastics the other day and they appear to be out of business.

This guy did some work with me in the past. Mostly for saltwater aquarium design. But, he also made a couple trade show displays for me as well. Steve is a true artist w acrylics. His crew follows his visions well. Were I looking to sell at shows, I would try to figure out how to afford his work. Brilliant stuff!


Thanks for the recommendation!

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