Adder gene discussion

I’m looking at the adder gene her on MorphMarket just to get more knowledge on the gene. Could someone fill me in on what exactly it does? Look to me like it just fills in the alien head pattern? Am I missing something?

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Have you checked out the Morphpedia entry for the gene? -


@chesterhf I just did thanks.
I am interested too. not many combos so far that I can see.
It would be good to see how it works with other morphs.
looks a bit like an adder pattern in the super form but could only find those USA

I love our UK adder pattern, I think its a bit of a stretch to call it ‘adder’ in Ball pythons though. —

That’s the only mildly venomous I am tempted to get. :smirk:


One thing that’s worth mentioning is that black adder might be different than adder. It’s commonly referred to as black adder which is darkening but I found one source where someone produced a gene that has the same effect as adder but without the darkening gene so they called it adder. This is something to look into and learn more about if you are considering getting into the gene.