Adding a dream snake!

Been wanting a Palmetto since they first became available. These last two weeks have been shitty, under shelter in place orders and I had a chemical, so been really depressed. So my husband said I could take a chunk of our stimulus money and splurge on a dream snake. After looking around a bit, I found one I wanted, technically two but the first got bought out from under me because I was slow, lol. So then found this one and made sure to be quicker. Just put her on hold and I am super excited! Now to think of a good name for her…

Picture courtesy of the breeder, Travis Whistler Reptiles.


I love Pals only problem I’ve been seeing with a lot of them is having bugged out eyes. But every so often you find one without them. It’s a dream snake of mine one day to. Congrats on the find :slight_smile:


I like them too, but most do end up with bug eyes sadly and I am not one to pay a bunch on a snake with a defect that can be passed to its offspring. I do wonder why they have them so often. The ones that don’t are lovely, but they cost twice as much as ones with bug eyes in most cases. The only other snakes that I can think of having bug eyes like that are leucistic rat snakes, but they don’t have them nearly as often.

You could name her Freckles, Patches, Speckles, Sparkles, Blotch, Sprinkles…I would continue but you get the idea lol.


It’s gotta be tied into either inbreeding (lack of specimens to diversify the line and no one wants Hets) or tied to the gene that makes the flecks of color itself (similar to wobble in some morphs of balls). Interestingly I have a Opal girl with a slight buggy eye thing going on so I know it isn’t just Pals that get this.


I think it is just a ratsnake/Leucism thing. All other ratsnakes with Leucism also display bug eyes. Only in corn snakes is it considered a fault.

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Is it not though? Unless rats grow out of the bug eyes and corns don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wild rat snake with bug eyes. At least not an adult one…

That was poorly written. I meant to say that bug eyes on any snake should be considered a fault considering the dangers latent with the bug eyes. At least physical harm in it.

Nice pickup definitely something I would love to own as well.


I have only seen a few leucistic rat snakes with bug eyes, most don’t have them. It is considered a defect on any snake, and the breeders price them very low when they do have them. I am going to guess that texas rat and black rat snakes just aren’t inbred nearly as much as palmetto corns, due to them not being in as high of demand so it leads to less issues with them.

We love ours! He is het albino too. We plan to breed him to our albino scaleless female to get albino double het palmetto scaleless.


She is poss het Amel and Caramel. Been kicking around who to pair her with, I’ve got several males that could be decent matches, depending on which way I want to go, though I don’t have any het Palmetto. I’m leaning towards Max, he is a homo Tessera het Caramel, poss het Amel. So we’d get at the very least all Tessera het Palmetto.

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Love his head!

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Going with that could prove out the possible het amel. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your palmetto and whatever progeny comes after.