Adding new morphs

What is the best way to prove a new unfounded gene? To prove you’re an original creator? There are some gene combinations I’ve been inputting into the calculator and many of them are “no records match”. Am I to assume those genes have yet to be found? If so, when/if I find these gene’s how do I go about making it public amongst the community? TIA!!
Edit: I’ve searched all over this website and WOBP website and I’ve yet to lay eyes on some of these combinations I have in mind.

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New morphs or new combos?

To have a new morph added, you’ll want to go this route

To have a new gene added or a existing one corrected, please review our policies at the above link and then, only if applicable, please create a topic within the Genetics category and fill out the form that appears in the text field.

If it’s simply a new combo, there’s a way to get yourself listed as making the world’s first on WOBP


Most of the larger breeders and most other breeders now in general haven’t added in combos in WOBP in a long time. Plus it seems almost impossible to get things added on there now anyway. You can always check in facebook groups

If it is a new gene/morph then follow the link that @chesterhf added.