Adding Offspring to NFS Collection [3399, DONE]

I’d like to be able to see my holdbacks in my public NFS Collection tab — they’re showing in the list on my dashboard/private list thing, but they don’t show up on the public version of the page.

Is this a bug, or is there some setting I’m not seeing?

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Can you send screenshots of what you are seeing? Also I will tag @eaglereptiles.

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So the private list shows all of my adults and the offspring that I have marked as NFS

But the actual public Not For Sale Collection page is only showing the adults, none of the 2020 or 2022 babies that I have marked as NFS that were originally created via the offspring groups.

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What membership plan do you have? Asking due to these terms in the NFS.

“NFS Animal visibility also depends on your Membership level. Basic members can showcase adults. Standard members can also showcase subadults. Higher memberships includes babies. These limits help to prevent the use of this feature to sell these animals.”

NFS Collections Article


OH! Well I wasn’t aware of that, I have the Basic membership since I’m not selling enough to justify going any higher at this point in time.

So that’s what I was missing lmao, my bad.

Kinda sucks because I’m super proud of my holdbacks and want to be able to show them off, but I guess I can sorta understand why it’s set up like that.


In case it’s not clear, the reasoning was to avoid dealing with folks who are actually selling babies through their NFS page.

However, this is something on my list to revisit. We are considering opening this up more. :wink:


Yeah! I totally understood that being the reasoning, it’s basically dishonest people ruin it for honest people.

I’m sure there’s extra measures that can be put in place to further deter that as well.
Removing price/shipping fields, and maybe setting it up so certain keywords/phrases/numbers in the title or description will either not allow the animal to be posted or be publicly seen, and possibly give them a warning that it is against the rules if they are trying to bypass store limits with NFS animals.

If people feel their listed NFS animal isn’t actually breaking rules, then they can submit it for manual review.

And of course there being a report button if other users see it still breaking that rule, which I think is still there anyways?

Just tossing out ideas :joy:


Hi Holly, this has been changed as discussed. All your holdback babies should now be visible:



Awesome! Thank you so much :heart:
Now I’ll have to go in and add in the rest of my collection, that’s only a handful of them :joy:


Announced here: NFS Collections Update


Hooray! This is excellent. I’m proud of my holdbacks, excited about the youngsters I’ve added to my collection. I’m excited to be able to share them all this way. Seems so often the small number of folks who don’t behave ruin things for the majority who try do things respectfully and right. Thank you for making this change. It demonstrates again the belief in and strength of the MM community’s commitment to ethical practices. Hooray! :confetti_ball:

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