Adding to my breeding stock

Hi I’ve not long been back in the Royal family and already have 14 adult females citrus pastel, pinstripe, pewter and butter daddy but shes not ready yet males pastel 100% het clown, normal with a secret, and a super mojave I would like to add a few more to make good breeding gruop any suggestions not a massive budget

You have too many males in my opinion. I’d save my money and get the best male I could afford. That one male can breed multiple females and pass his good traits to all the young. I’d rather have one $400 male than three $150 males.

Three males out of a collection of fourteen is about the right ratio actually… :thinking:

I think it might supposed to be 4. It says 14, but list 4 animals. Regardless, of his three males, I would consider two of them to be “pets” and not breeding stock. The pastel het clown, and the normal are only snakes I would breed for fun, not caring if I had a bunch a babies to give away. The supper would be my choice of the three to breed. Even then, I would still save up for my all star male.