Address and name discrepancies?

Im wondering how normal it is for the email, name and address on paypal to be different from the ones received through MorphMarket messages. My buyer already paid me through paypal, I sent a email to email listed in paypal to confirm their purchase since there were discrepancies.

Im to ship out their snake next week to Fed Ex store for pick up. I know a common scam is for a buyer to say they didnt get the item since shipping address for their purchase is different then the one the item was sent to, which I guess could happen any way since Im sending their snake to a Fed Ex store. Im hoping Im just being paranoid.


I personally don’t have a credit card yet so I used my mom’s PayPal. I will say though, I made sure to let the person I was buying from know that the discrepancies were going to be there and I had permission to make the charge ( the money was transferred from my checking to my mom’s credit card.) Due to it being a pretty large amount ($2250.00), I also gave the seller the option to call and talk to my mom himself. I mean, the name was different but the address was the same. I would be careful but understanding that there are some reasons that the discrepancies are valid.


I don’t know about selling here but i know that whenever i make a purchase i communicate through the whole process. Some sellers have said they deliver to hubs, but i explained my situation that im wheelchair bound and do not have transportation. I always say what i need in detail 1st they can either say ok or nah, no hard feelings either way. I ask about how they take payments, i like paypal. I have them send invoice and i pay it immediately i then tell them when im available to be home and then once i get my animal(s) i take photos showing they arrived safe and sound or if they were DOA i take pictures and contact them. I think the take away is communication is key as both seller and buyer, trust your gut as well if something seems off or fishy then maybe take further precautions or if all else fails you can always back out and issue a refund, at least with a refund there is electronic proof.

I have had paypal for a long time like maybe 2004 its possible that my address in one may be different than the other because maybe i forgot to update or maybe i just moved so not all desceptionsiies are necessarily trying to scam you. ( yes all my paypal is current lol) i had to update it when i moved here 5 years ago, since i use paypal regularly. Just go with your gut.


I cancelled the original invoice and refunded them. I resent them the invoice but requested they use the address of the FedEx store they would pick the snake up from(which they already agreed to do). I haven’t heard from them since yesterday, my message was “seen” and the new invoice hasnt been paid.

This mistake is me but I should have requested from the start to have them use the FedEx store address on the paypal transaction since shipping to any other address other than the address in the transaction is not covered for fraud.