Adult Axanthic pics

I’ve always been fascinated with Axanthic morphs (I think the coolest I’ve seen were a Sulfur Orange Dream VPI), but I haven’t seen many pictures of adults or sub adults and how their colors are aging. Can you please post some examples?


As someone who also loves the look of axanthics, I think the best thing to try and see them in person. Which is frustratingly difficult.
I actually just picked up an axanthic (VPI) baby this year after a long time of waiting. I found her at a reptile show where a breeder also had an older half sibling so I was able to see how their offspring ages.

Axanthics are just some of the absolute most frustrating to photograph. They do tend to brown out as they age unless you have some hard hitting lightening genes in there. But even photographing can make them look so much more brown than they are to the eye. I think depending on how you’re recording they may show up better in video.
Maybe we’ll be lucky and someone with a really nice camera will have some shots of one. My phone is a potato when it comes to photographing my girl.


Potato pictures are better than no pictures (please share anyways)!
I just picked up my first Het Joliff Axanthic female 2 months ago. She was cheap or I would of held out for TSK and hope for a dark phase. I have some calico related dark phase dreams!

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Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

If you don’t get many pictures here, try a search on morphmarket - all countries - any availability.
You can filter for age too but you will have to do a few searches for each type , VPI, TSK etc.
That’s how I got an idea how some different morphs I was interested in aged.