Adult Ball Python enclosure (tanks/PVC)

Wanting to hear others thoughts/options. For adult ball pythons, I’m wondering the size enclosure folks have them in. I am not into tubs (personal preference) so I am more interested in those using tanks or PVC (like the stackables). I’ve heard the debate about “too much room” and find myself somewhere in the middle. I’m just curious about what others are using. Would you go 36" or 48"?

(full disclosure—I have my juvenile BP in a 36x18x18 with a ton of clutter and things to take up space and he seems to do great. So it’s hard for me to picture him full grown in there)

I think a 36" enclosure would be good for most ball pythons, maybe 48" for a very large female.

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I know you’re not into tubs but for perspective, I just got a Super70 rack and the tubs Measure 33x18x5.3 those are for my large adults. Other than height they’re around the same space. I know some people start their pets in cb70s as well and keep them there, the super is just a little wider. **** I’ve seen a design with a tub underneath an enclosure to give them room to move around and a burrow back in the tub. I would like to build something similar one day.

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I don’t have an opinion on tubs for others lol. At this point they’re just not for me. I like to see the decorations and whatnot…totally for me not the snake lol. Like most others, I rarely see him moving around outside of at night time. I know the reality is I’ll have to learn to like them at some point if I keep getting BPs!

Tub size helps though. I guess I would just need to take out a lot of my BPs clutter as he gets bigger.

Most people I’ve talked to say the same. I just keep looking at my boy’s tank and can’t imagine him full grown in there. He is about 325g and not quite 3ft.

I recommend an arboreal 40 Gallon loaded with accessories. My bp utilized every inch and accessory when she left her hide at night.