Adult hypo leopard boas

Hi all, I’ve seen a lot of pics of baby hypo leopards, and they’re stunning. But anyone out there have adults that you’d like to share pics of? I know leopards tend to dark as they get mature but I’m curious how the hypo plays out.


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It depends on the line of hypo used. These have been made with salmon hypo so they are 75% sigma/25% imperator.
They aren’t fully grown but are about 3 year old.


Beautiful snakes, thanks. Looks like the browns/pinks stick around into (at least) sub-adulthood.

Out of curiosity, how big are these guys? I’m looking for a smaller subspecies and I’m always curious how mixing the subs affects size (recognizing, of course, feeding and the individual parentage play a big role as well). I imagine since yours are 3/4 Sonoran, they’re on the smaller side…? Also, do you find these guys are prone to climbing?

Sigma can get bigger than most books suggest. In captivity people read the books and then adjust feeding accordingly, keeping them within those sizes. Keep increasing food and they will grow more. Adding in Colombian and CA imperator will also have some effect.

Parents I never think have a lot to do with it as they could have been maintained at a smaller size than genetics allows. Sigma will climb just as readily as constrictor and imperator.