Adult male boas

Just curious if some of you could share some pictures of your adult males. I’m contemplating looking (long looooong term) into trying to make room for a male in my collection, but I want to know what I’m getting into.

Also, are males of less common gene combos more expensive because they can be put into breeding plans faster? I keep looking for img snowglow and img vpi combos, and it seems the prices are crazy high…. Is it just img causing the prices? Help lol


IMG is currently causing the price spike, but so is also the VPI.

Males can get big lol :joy:. But if you feed them modestly, they shouldn’t get much bigger than five 5 1/2 maybe 6 feet.

This is Kai, he is my 2018 male hypo boa. He is pretty standard for a male of his age. They can get bigger with time but mostly it is girth after they end that last growth spurt.

He is about 6’ and 8 lbs just saying.


Also following, as I would love to know too lol. Gonna get one someday, and just want to be sure I can handle it


So essentially a male that is fed properly (not overfed or anything) will hit around 6’? That’s not all that bad. Really not much bigger than a couple of my breeder ball females lol.


So, just curious here. Is img just going through a popularity surge right now? And vpi as well?


Typically, yes. I have seen a few males that have gotten bigger but they were most likely overfed to some degree and may have been hybrids. Ask the breeder the age and size of the sire. My ‘19 male is only about 4.5’ long, but most don’t stay that small and he’ll probably put on another foot or so over the next few years.

Looks like it. I’m not sure about where you are but over in the UK any combos with those two go for an insane amount. Single gene IMGs and VPIs aren’t too costly but mixing them with another high value morph can double or triple the price.

If you like leopard boas, they tend to be smaller because the morph originates from a dwarf locality. I’ve seen a few 4-5yr old leos as small as 4-4.5’, but I don’t know if anyone is breeding vpi leopard combos


Some males can get over 8 feet. Most Colombian BCI males are between 6 and 7 feet, 15 to 30 lbs. I did own a male that was over 30 lbs and over 7 feet long. This is a very old picture of him and me.

This is my male sunglow motley jungle Aang. He is around 7 foot and 25 to 30 lbs now.

Boas are the gentle giants of the Constrictors. Just get a male baby boa, and by the time it’s an adult, you and him will be very comfortable around each other.

Here is a link to pictures of big boas. Most are females, but there are some males.


It seems to be the same in the US from what I’ve seen. IMG on its own still isn’t what I’d call cheap, but it’s not insane. But IMG combos start to get pretty pricey, especially with VPI. I assume it’s largely because IMG/VPI combos look spectacular, so high demand is keeping prices high.


There’s a plain VPI for sale here for £200, and a VPI snow on hold at £1,680. There’s also a scoria het sharp for £850 and a scoria het VPI for £3,500. Img is easier to find so the difference is less extreme, but still pretty big. Personally I think paradigms, BWCs, and their combos look similar but better, so I’m not going to bother with VPI until there’s a price drop.


All my adult male Boas are under 10 lbs.