Advertising and getting the word out for a new expo

What are the best ways to get the word out for an expo?

i see tons of stuff thru local facebook groups/expo pages and craigslist. Also, word of mouth. me and my irl reptile buddies usually talk expos when we see each other, and thats how we plan whos going to what and etc.

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I’m starting one and I hope it does very well so I really want the public to know and come so the vendors are happy as well


Talk to people (especially vendors) at other expos. Tell some people and they will spread the word. Tell vendors and they will sign up and post it on social media and tell other vendors who will do the same. Start a facebook group and talk about everything and post it on your facebook and have others do the same.


Good luck spreading the word! Where will the expo most likely be located?

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Idaho Falls, Idaho

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If you want your expo to succeed, be organized and treat your vendors awesome.

I vended a brand new expo at the end of 2019. All reservations for tables could be paid for and booked online. All relevant information was posted in a timely fashion. At noon, the promoters passed out hot pizza to all the vendors. This was huge because its always a challenge to get something to eat when you are manning a table.

One of the reasons I don’t vend many expos is because many of the promoters treat the vendors poorly. Breeders still buy tables from them, so they get away with it, but I am a firm believer in voting with your wallet.


So I talked to someone from a radio station and they are putting something together and then will send it to me with how much it will cost. It is a group of 5 radio stations it would be played on. Hopefully not to expensive because that would really get the word out.