Advice for first time soon to be hoggie owner

Hi im beening doing research into getting a hoggie but i think asking people who have experience better . I source a 3x2 viv is a bssking light or a che be better for heating i kept geckos in the past but first time a snake . The list i got is a 3x2 viv basking light a uvb light two hides decor thinking of using arcadia arid mix and a dimmer or pluse stat is there anything else i missed. Gratefull for any adivce


what age will the hognose be that you’re bringing home? For a permanent enclosure a 3 x 2 is awesome. It will do just fine set up with a heat pad, or a heat lamp, as long as you can give it a warm spot of mid to upper 80s.

If you’re bringing home a baby, I would suggest starting out with a much smaller enclosure for it. As much to give the animal security as for you to actually be able to find it without having to dig up all the bedding.

I’m sure @noodlehaus and @ghoulishcresties and some others can chime in and provide more suggestions.


We have a heat lamp on ours and a led also for light.

3x2 is great size as said, if you can go to a 4 when adult then even better too :grin: