Advice of identifying morph

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Does anyone know were I can find information or links to websites were I can get information on identifying morphs, as I am struggling I can identify basics ie pastel, spider, banana ect but when it come to multiple genes or ever what you mite say basic ie enchi calico I struggle

I am interested in one day breeding but need to do my research on identifying as need to no this if I am to produce snakes with multiple genes

I have 18 month to go before I even think about breeding as my ball a juvenile she is a fire fly and I am yet to decide what male to buy for future breeding

But even when identifying my fire fly I dont actually no what it is the makes it a fire fly and not a super bright pastle ( am I right in thinking it is how faded her head is )

I’ll post pictures and if you could advise me what makes it fire fly and not a pastle that would be great

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What makes it a firefly is when it carries the Pastel and the Fire gene.

Yes and that is what it is fire x pastel clown but there must still be a difrence btween a pastle and a fire fly no ??? I assumed there must be characteristics of a fire visually for it to be named a firefly

When I bought her there was five snakes very similar four of them was labelled firefly one was labelled a pastel I personally couldn’t tell the difference and the seller told me me as he couldn’t be 100% sure it was a firefly he labelled it as a pastel and sold it me at 8 past our price but as I looked more into it and more pictures I could not see the difference between the four of the snakes therefore I posted on here for opinions and everybody came back with it being a firefly and not a pastel

My opinion was that this was a firefly and not a pastel due to how light the head was as well as the blushing within the black and how how much the alien heads were irregular and merged in some places

@balls2u would appreciate some advice I follow your channel on you tube. It’s a great channel full of information

I think you are spot on as far as characteristics go with it being a Firefly. If it where just a single gene pastel it would not have that much blushing. Hope this helps.

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