Advice on a ball python with parasites

Hi! So I just got this girl back from the vet and she was being treated for internal parasites… she is INCREDIBLY small :confused: about 1/3 the size of the other smallest ball python I have seen… she had been rejecting all meals previously but I’m hoping that’s simply because the parasites… so how do I go about getting this girl back to a healthy size? (When you hold her your fingers indent and can feel the ribs on both sides as she climbs)

How long ago did you get her? How old is she? Did she ever eat in your care? Can you add pictures along with temperatures and humidity of the enclosure?


She doesn’t look overly thin, so I would just treat her and make sure your husbandry is on point.


I agree. Body condition isn’t that bad.

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Which parasites was she being treated for?

And I would also concur with the others that this animal does not appear underweight at all.

Definitely not the worst I’ve seen IMO but that could just be pictures

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As others have said, she doesn’t look too bad yet. Keep the husbandry on point and if she continues refusing meals watch her weight as you may have to assist-feed her a bit to get her feeding normally again.