Advice on rehoming

So, I have an adult male Crawl Cay Boa who is roughly 10 years old. I need advice on rehoming, as I am moving and cannot take him with me, therefore he needs a new home before that happens, and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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That’s usually a locality that has some demand due to the coloring and small size. If you’re willing to ship I wouldn’t be surprised if you posted in the marketplace and it got swooped right up. What’s your timeline on the move?

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You can make an account on MorphMarket market place and advertise him on there :blush:

Obviously change to where you are, it says eu as I’m in the uk.


Thanks, I’m UK based as well, so I’ll make a post and see if anyone is interested

Within a month or two, there’s no fixed date just as soon as I can rehome.