Advice, please

Hello… So, my two males are suddenly refusing food. One is a 2017, the other is a 2019. I also noticed both are roaming their enclosures quit a bit. Neither are spending much time in their hides. Temps are 87-90 in the warm end, and 80-83 at cool end. Humidity hovers at 60 percent. I’m not sure what is going on. Never really had trouble with feeding. My females are in identical enclosures. Both are feeding fine. Any thoughts?

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I switched to newspaper for substrate tonight. Maybe that will help. I’m curious about the roaming around enclosure behavior I see. Usually, they stay under hides like my females. One males weighs in at 643 grams. The other is at 836 grams.

My own ball (who I think is male) is doing a lot of the same. My thought was now that it is 2 years old maybe it’s the breeding hormones kicking in?

If I were a betting man, I’d bet on those males looking to mate. When your single and looking to get laid you go on a diet…lol. But seriously heat is needed for them to digest food but heat degrades viable sperm. It’s why our testes hang on the outside and extra low on a hot day. You mentioned you have females and if they are in the same room as the males the males can smell em. It seems to be more common with the younger males who haven’t mated yet or only have a season under there belt. Older males who have mated more than a few times don’t seem to care and continue to eat throughout the season.


Hormones was also the first that came up in my mind. My december 2017 male didn’t eat for 12 weeks by now and shows the same behaviour. I keep on telling him that he’s not getting lucky this season but he just doesn’t want to listen :grin: His neightbour is smarter, he roams and eats going for the best of both :smile:

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I was thinking of just buying an adult female of age and weight to satisfy their needs.

Considering their weight, sexual maturity, time of the year and proximity of females this is not unusual.

You can try to downsize to see if they will resume (during breeding season I keep males in small quarters to ensure that they keep feeding through the season) and more importantly you need to be patient and keep making sure that everything is where it is supposed to be.