Advice sought on monitor colour variation

Dear Morph Market community,

I am looking to speak to people with any specialist knowledge on the range of colour morphs of monitors, especially Varanus Niloticus (Nile Monitor), when they end up as pets or are captive bred?

What aberrant colours have people seen?


Welcome to the community!! That is actually a great and interesting question! I don’t know a ton about monitors, I have had experience with Asian water, and savanna’s and helped a rescue feed and clean one of your Nile’s, but no real expertise in breeding or morphs. I hope you get someone who does! Got me interested as well. I do know some of the water monitors morphs such as the melanistic(black dragon) the sulpher, which is brighter and high yellow even as adults. A few years ago I kept hearing the term ornate nile monitor, but don’t really know if it’s a morph or more of a local/subspecies type situation. Once again welcome! & great question, sorry I don’t have any answers for you!