Advice with Crafting Store Policies

I’m new to breeding and selling reptiles, I’ve just recently started up my own seller profile here on MorphMarket and I’m a little lost when it comes to my stores policies. I know it’s all up to your personal preferences but what are some important things to add or keep in mind when I’m creating my stores policies?


I think spelling out if payment plans are possible and if they are what prices you’ll consider plans or not. Talk about any restrictions on shipping. Any policy you deem important like live shipping guarantee, returns, trades, negotiation of prices…


I’ll add to what @meerkatlyndz said. You should also mention that the buyer should contact you with 2 hours after delivery if the animal is a DOA cause sometimes people will be scummy and try to pull a fast one on you like that and also mention that after 24 hours that the warranty is void and now their responsiblity if it dies. I also think it’s a good idea if you reserve the right to not sell to a particular person because I’ve refused to sell someone my snakes because they either gave off the wrong vibe or they just didn’t seem all that ready to handle a snake.


I don’t currently breed but here’s mine.

  • £50 non refundable deposit to hold the animal and reserve it as sold for 30 days.

  • Payment plans available on animals over £200

  • it should be noted that animal(s) will remain in our possession until the full amount is received and the animals remain the property of Eagle Reptiles until the final payment is received.

  • If you would like more than one animal then contact me and we might be able to work out a deal that suits both of us.

  • Personal delivery can be arranged at the price of fuel or customers can arrange their own collection/courier service.

  • Personal collection is always recommended as then you can see my set ups and be sure you are buying a healthy animal and see the parents of the animal.

  • I am also up for trades if you have anything that fits my plans.


To state the obvious, I would spend a little time reading the policies of 5-10 breeders that you respect or who are highly rated, and model your policies after them. Lots of examples to go by.


One thing I have learned in the past 14 years doing this is that TOS are always evolving based on what situation you will encounter, at first you draft the obvious and than start adding on.

I have a short version on my store and the more detailed version that I sent to my customers with their invoice, feel free to read it and copy whatever you want to use