Affordable Arenavirus Tests?

I am looking for a list of resources or recommendations to affordable/at home legitimate Arenavirus/IBD/Nido tests. I have seen Garrett Hartle’s at home test video on Reach Out Reptiles YouTube channel, but the link to the company that supplies the test is no longer viable.

If any of you lovelies would be so kind as to share any information you may have regarding more affordable yet legitimate options for Nido testing i would be very grateful. I asked my vet, and they can do the testing but of course it’s a whopping $400 per snake. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Not very sensible when you have 10 snakes to test at once…

Also, when it comes to IBD, i know it impacts primarily Pythons and Boas, with pythons declining quite rapidly upon contraction and boas potentially harboring the virus asymptomatically all of their lives. Or for many years before developing symptoms and ultimately succumbing. But what about colubrids?? Has anyone heard of a kingsnake or corn snake developing Inclusion Body Disease? Are they as susceptible to the virus as the other two snake families or are they somehow exempt?? I’ve never heard of it.

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I use Research Associates Laboratory for all of my testing needs. They use real-time PCR testing.
I average about $100 per test for a single snake (test package price + overnight fedex shipping).

This is the combo panel test I always choose:


Lets go! thank you for putting this up! I was trying to remember this site.

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Money=back in pocket :money_mouth_face:

Thank you!!