African soft furred

Hello everyone I have a small collection of ball pythons up to 28 at the minute and I have been breeding my own African soft furred rats/mice what is the best thing to feed them to get some size and yes I no there not very big anyway but I would like to make some bigger

Just to make sure I am understanding, do you mean to make the ASFs bigger? Or your ball pythons? The question is not entirely clear from your wording

Sorry ASF bigger

Okay, I thought that was what you meant but I wanted to make sure.

So… I will caveat that I have never raised ASFs so I am going off second-hand information but I have heard that they do much better when fed a more varied diet that includes things like seeds and greens. I know a couple of breeders that regularly offer bird seed as part of their diet. You might also want to try things like raw, unprocessed peanuts and dried legumes. I would not make them the entire diet but maybe 15-20% or so

Ok thanks I will give that a go :+1:

We don’t have these brands dog food in Holland so I just mix food. As main food the rat food they use in laboratories, mixed mouse food with seeds, every two days veggies ( they really like green leaf veggies) and meal worms for the nursing mom’s for extra protein. They really love them. First litters “disappeared” but since I feed them meal worms it never happened anymore. And most get really big, around 70 gram and once they started almost every two week babies are born. In the last two weeks I got 24 babies from total 2 new mom’s and two will deliver at any time now.