African soft furred

Hello everyone I have a small collection of ball pythons up to 28 at the minute and I have been breeding my own African soft furred rats/mice what is the best thing to feed them to get some size and yes I no there not very big anyway but I would like to make some bigger

Just to make sure I am understanding, do you mean to make the ASFs bigger? Or your ball pythons? The question is not entirely clear from your wording

Sorry ASF bigger

Okay, I thought that was what you meant but I wanted to make sure.

So… I will caveat that I have never raised ASFs so I am going off second-hand information but I have heard that they do much better when fed a more varied diet that includes things like seeds and greens. I know a couple of breeders that regularly offer bird seed as part of their diet. You might also want to try things like raw, unprocessed peanuts and dried legumes. I would not make them the entire diet but maybe 15-20% or so

Ok thanks I will give that a go :+1:

Been breeding ASFs for two years now, Mazuri rat and mouse works great…not to be confused with mazuri rodent breeder (6f most common). Rodent breeder only has 15% protein where the rat and mouse come in at 23% protien.

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