Age and weight of your Coastal Carpet Python

Just as title says…Post weight, age and approx length of your Coastal. I’m curious as to what the averages for different sizes are. Thanks.

I have a pure 2018 female, about 31 months old.

Today she is about 4.5 feet, a little bigger around than a bottle cap and weighs 491g. Her mother is 7.5 feet, so not the largest genes either.

That being said, she has never eaten a rat for me, only mice and chicken so far, but I’ve been working on it. She eats a jumbo mouse or a small chick every 14-21 days.

I have a 30mo male jungle who has passed her in size just a tad, now eating a small rat every 21 days.


First of all welcome to the boards. Thank you for the info you provided. I’d love to see pictures of them…Maybe when you have time you can post some. I have a male coastal who pounds rats like no tommorow. He currently weights 12lbs and I’d say about 7 feet as of 2-3 months ago. Every now and then he’ll eat a rabbit but seems to hate Quail as I’ve tried a few times with no luck. Once again happy to see a new member.