Aggression or fear towards food?

I definitly need some advice;

We got our first hognose recently, and he’s been doing amazing. He’s quite possibly the most chill and friendly snake i’ve ever had. He’s always very eager to come out in the mornings. He’s never hissed, puffed up, bluffed or anything. Even his previous owner said they’d never seen him do any of that.

We’ve done our best not to handle him since we got him about a week and a half ago because we wanted to adjust and eat. I’ll admit we’ve probably handled him more than we should have.

His previous owner said he declined a feeding before we got him and said he was ‘fussy’ but normally eats just fine and usually just catches the scent and calmly eats without even striking. They said they assumed it was just an off day or something.

Today we attempted to feed him some f/t fuzzies that he came with, and he was /not/ having it. He was bluffing, hissing, puffing up, and actively shrinking away from the fuzzy. We even sat it down, and he just ignored it after that and slithered over it/past it.

We thought maybe the feeder was bad, so we tried a pinky we had for another snake, and he stared at it for a minute, thought about it, and then had the exact same reaction. He would approach it if I sat it down, but just ignore it afterwards.

We chopped it up to him being afraid of it somehow? But honestly we arnt sure what prompted the reaction. We know hognoses will hunger strike, and are notorious for being difficult eaters. But this was alarming to say the least since he hadn’t even shown that sort of behavior.


Nothing out of the ordinary really. Try leaving a pinky on the floor overnight.


There may be several reasons why he won’t eat for you. He might not be settled in yet. He may not feel secure in his new enclosure. Sometimes hoggies like a lot of “stuff” in their enclosures. Temperatures and humidity may be off. They do like it hot. He may be getting ready to shed.

These are just a few of the reasons why he might be refusing food. I would leave him alone completely and try feeding again next week. If no luck try again a couple more times. You might need to amp up his heat and add clutter if he still refuses food. Just try to leave him alone except for maintenance……

Best of luck to you! :snake::blush: