AK Morphs 2021 Clutch

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a long time since posting, but I’m back! I’ve been swamped with a new job, new responsibilities, rescuing horses, and getting the whole breeding season down over here at AK!

But I’m super excited to say that I’m going to have 5 clutches this season, and I have a possibility to add 7 more at the end of the year (but I think it will really be in 2022 when those clutches go - so woohoo!)

Anyways, I didn’t want to make a new topic for each clutch I’m going to have this season. So I’m going to use this little thread to post my 2021 clutches in here (and probably will update for 2022) so that way I’m not taking over the BP section and being a demon. Most snake will be available on my MM page.

So without further ado here is my first clutch: Raven Lesser x Orange Dream Pinstripe

Egg 1: Male, Raven Lesser OD Pinstripe (World’s First)

Egg 2: Female, Orange Dream Lesser

Egg 3: Female, Orange Dream Lesser Pinstripe

Egg 4: Male, Raven

Egg 5: Female, Orange Dream Lesser

Egg 6: Female, Raven Lesser Pinstripe

Egg 7: Male, Orange Dream pos Raven


That raven lesser pin is awwwwsome


Thanks Novi! :smiley:


Gotta admit I’m not really a fan of pinstripe in general, but these ones are really good combos! Especially the OD Raven Lesser Pinstripe :fire:


I was blessed by the odd gods imo :joy: I didn’t think I’d have such cute babies my first clutch

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You really got beautifull babies. Congratulations!!! Hope your next ones will be equality beautiful, but it will not be easy to beat these.


Once my next clutch sheds I plan on posting them up as well. I think I have two that are just :hot_face:


This one is gorgeous!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you!! After her shed she just popped! :heart_eyes:


I promised y’all clutch number 2 and here they are!

The pairing was Bamboo Pastel YB x Spinnerblast

“FRANK” Pastel Bamboo Pinstripe YB Spider

Super Pastel Bamboo YB Pinstripe Spider


Pastel Bamboo Pinstripe

Pastel Pinstripe Spider

Pinstripe YB

Lemonblast YB

Bamboo Pastel


Pastel YB


Great job! Keep them coming


These are some stellar looking hatchlings! Super nice!


Thanks you guys!

I cut clutch #3 a few days ago. It was my first import clutch with the Orbit gene. Our of 9 eggs, only 5 survived. I had three mold starting around day 36. Two of the babies were completely deformed, one egg was just solid, and the fourth baby died of a wrapped umbilical cord. Still beating myself up over it by not cutting a couple days earlier. Anyways, one baby has already crawled out of the egg so we’ll see what else decides to crawl out.

My WC import finally laid a solid 4 eggs. She was bread to just a single gene clown male. Hopefully when it comes time to cut that clutch I have a cool new gene to name, and if not, several years to see if it’s recessive ha-ha.

My third import, the Twister gene, laid 6 big eggs yesterday and 1 slug. Each egg is over 100grams so we’re killing it right now. I think this is my last clutch for 2021, but I could have a surprised by Christmas if I’m lucky, ha-ha.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support! It means a lot to me :smiley:


They look great!! Don’t you love it…when you have more genes in the pairing it almost looks like you have those surprise egg’s with the little toys inside😄 Same mum, same dad but the offspring is so different and still all are really beautifull.

Sorry to hear four eggs went bad…but on the positive, five did survive. Unfortunally we can only do the best but we are still playing with nature and somethings are beyond our control.

Will be waiting for the pictures of the thirth one. You have a good thing going there😃


This is so true…that is why it is important to have some powerhouse breeders to add into the mix so that there is various outcomes. I love it!


I think you will really like what you see. I hit another world’s first in this clutch with the import gene. :smiley:
I about lost my mind when I saw it ha-ha


I am so bad for not coming back here and updating this :joy:

Clutch #3 - Mojave Orbit x Pastel Phantom Mojave
(first Orbits in the USA - woohoo)

0.1 Phantom Orbit

Pastave Orbit 1.0

Deep Purple Passion pos. Orbit 1.0

0.1 Pastel Orbit

Purple Passion Orbit 1.0


Clutch 4 was Clown x WC Dinker - 4 eggs; 1 male, 3 female. The male passed in the egg.

Egg 1:

Egg 2:

Egg 3:

Here is the photo of the WC Dinker female:


Clutch 5: Mojave Twister x Fire Twister
First clutch of Twisters in the USA to my knowledge

0.1 Mojave

Fire Twister 1.0

0.1 Super Fire pos Twister (Partho baby)

0.1 Mojave Twister

0.1 Twister


I also had a surprise clutch this morning from a female who locked up twice in May, stopped eating (so I stopped pairing) and I came to find her on eggs this morning! So I’ll be adding that one at the end of the year! I am still like shaking and excited from it (and a bit nervous lol).

The pairing is Mojo Twister x Super Pastel Leopard