Albey Snow Dominant & Line-bred [DONE]

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Albey’s Line Bred Snow History
• Albey Scholl got his original pair in 1998. Some
pictures and history posted by Albey on his page
can be found here.
In roughly 2006 Albey made the decision to stop
producing Line Bred Snow’s.
•Albey did produce a very limited quantity a few
years later, and then stopped working with the Line
Bred Snows entirely in 2010-2011ish following the
exploding popularity of Mack Snows.
•Matt Baronak of SaSobek Reptiles got his first
Albey’s Line Bred Snow male directly from Albey at
the NARBC Tinley show in late 2013 or so to the
best of his recollection.
• Not long after this, Matt took over the remainder of
Albey’s Leopard Gecko collection as Albey switched
his focus almost exclusively to Ball Pythons.

The linebred snow actually turned out some animals had the DOMINANT Snow Gene.

Species: Eublepharis Macularius
**Name of Gene: Albey Snow & Albey LBS (Line Bred Snow) one polygenic and one dominant
First produced by whom: wild caught 1998
Year First Produced: 1998
Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc): Dominant
In complex with other genes?: no
Other names/aliases for it?: no
Description: similar to the other Snow Genes

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head: White
  • Body: White
  • Belly: normal
  • Tail: White

**Proven Lines: Albey’s Line bred Snow
**Related Genes: n/a

Proven: To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic? I have produced a dominant snow just days ago
Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one? It’s not new, just not included

Problems: Any problems? No
History: The history behind its discovery? Listed in intro
Disagreement or Controversy: no
References here on the community: Albeys too cool reptiles

  • At least one link to community discussion (ie forums) to demonstrate community acceptance


I’ve bred Albey Snows I got directly from Albey several times and haven’t seen any evidence to indicate it’s a dominant trait. I believe I’m in the minority in holding that opinion, but I felt I should mention it.


I was actually hoping to get some input from you @mblaney


I am genuinely in the minority with my opinion, so please take that into consideration. If @impeccablegecko happens to stop by, he has more experience than I do. I’m pretty sure @albey himself believed there was more to it than a selectively bred polygenic.


I grabbed a female last season and my first baby of the year is hers. A temp sex male. And he is definitely a snow. These are high percentage Extreme Bold Crosses also so the percentage of the original Linebred genes are very low. I am working with only the Dominant form. So as you can see in the pics 1 is snow and one is not.

@impeccablegecko has both however and the grandfather of mine iDo believe came from him


I bred both of my Albey snows multiple times and always saw a range in coloration and not a clear Snow/Not Snow division. My female (Myrtle) was purchased from Albey in 2002 and I think I got my male (Adonis) in 2005 or so. They have both recently passed away, but I am lucky enough to have 6 of their offspring still. It may be that I only had the ‘line bred’ version and not the ‘dominant’ version. If necessary I could probably hunt down pics of most of the offspring they produced but it would take some digging as it mostly pre-dated smartphones.

I was hoping to get a male at some point to breed to Adonis’ best looking daughter (Gentoo) from his final breeding season, but it looks like that’s unlikely to happen. I’ve not seen a high quality male for sale in years, and if I found one it would presumably be out of my price range. I don’t think any offspring would have much value to other breeders anyways, as I am not 100% certain that Gentoo’s dam had no hets, though she was not advertised with any.


Yeah it’s definitely possible they were just LBS. I honestly want to work the line bred eventually but for now the dominant gene is best for me as iAm newer.

But iWould love to see the ones you have.


Last year, I received a female Albey Snow (100% from the original line) from Miles @impeccablegecko.

We bred her last season and produced four offspring. Comparing hatchling pictures, the first two clutch mates appeared to be different from the second two. The first two I’d assume to be the dominant form of Albey Snow, the second two I would assume not to carry the dominant form.

I only have the experience of seeing a four of these hatch, but we’re waiting for eggs from our 100% original line female and are hopeful that our two Albey Snow (dominant) females we produced last year will breed this year too!


Can’t wait to see what’s in store!


Albey Snow is 100% a dominantly inherited trait. Myself as well as many other breeders have found this to be true multiple times. They were line bred for may years so the “normals” that pop out are rather light as well but not white like the dominant ones.

The original post is a copy of my post that can be found here: Link

I would also love to see it added to MorphMarket as well. Given how long it has taken to add Cipher (Still isn’t added) I can’t imagine it will happen anytime soon. :roll_eyes:


Had 2 more Albey Snows this weekend


I suspect that I only have the Normals that were merely LBS at this point then. Even my whitest babies have a really slight amount of lavender & grey that you can see in bright light, I think. :woman_shrugging:

Is there any way to discern a one-copy Albey Snow (Dominant form) from a two-copy animal? :thinking:


Good question, iSuppose that would depend on how they look at hatch.

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How to go about getting “Albey’s LBS” or “Albey’s LBS (Line Bred Snow)” added as well?

Now that I’m listing geckos from that project that don’t carry the dominant Albey Snow gene, and are simply line bred, it would be nice to be able to differentiate between the two when making the listings.


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