Albino and? who knows?

possibly something else going on?


Keeping in mind that T Negative Albino changes nothing but the color of the snake, and the wild type phenotype is extremely variable, I would say it’s just an albino.


thats fair, just seemed odd it had no alien head spots.

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That’s very common for albinos, take a look at some examples on MorphMarket .

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I have a large Albino female ,she also has no alien head spots if that helps

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I also say normal albino.

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It has the spots, you are just missing seeing them. As Albions age, the eyespots become saturated by xanthins and become yellow. I have pointed out some of the ones on your animal here:


My albino looks exactly the same, and the mass conclusion by many of the generous people here was that its just a normal albino.