Albino banana clown?

Just wondering if anyone has made an albino banana clown and whether it’s likely to produce anything interesting.

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Not that I know of, so no most likely not. Banana albinos have been created though and just look like a slightly different albino in my opinion

Thanks. I was considering a pairing to try and hit these down the line. But I wasn’t sure if it would be worthwhile or not

How do you find out if something has been produced before? Surely if it was something cool the breeder would probably keep it, but how do you know if something is a world’s first?

As Nathan said, the Albino Banana has been made and it is nothing remarkably different from a regular Albino. They are perhaps a little bit more faded looking but that is about it. If you would like an explanation as to why this is I can dive in to that for you.


There is not set way, most people just look for someone else’s post/pics of the combo they made and if they do not find one they assume they are the first and them make their own posts making the claim. At that point, if someone has made it and just not posted they usually come out of the shadows and post their own pic. Or not. Some people think making a world’s first is a really big deal, others just really do not care.


For me i just wondered if the clown added to the albino banana would make much of a difference or not and be cool to create. Thank you for your input

Nope, will not make any appreciable difference


I wouldn’t necessarily combine the three but albino clowns and banana clowns look nice if it’s just the stand alone banana or albino gene combined to the clown.