Albino leopard id

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I picked up a group of leopard geckos. One of the 3 males is a Rainwater and the other 3 are Tremper. I am thinking the rainwater is G. Or do I just sell them of as pets and get a Tremper.

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The different lines of albino leopard geckos cannot be reliably told apart visually, only by test breeding. Personally, if I received an albino leopard gecko and did not know the line, I would sell it off as a pet rather than bothering with test breeding or risking muddying the waters further with double hets.

That being said, in the future, if you wish to have the morph of your leopard gecko evaluated, we will need to see more than just the head of the animal.

Ok, thanks for the help. That’s what I was afraid of but oh well. I was thinking I was going to let them go as pet only.

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Here is a pic of the body.

All beautiful specimens. Sorry I can’t be of more help with identification.