Albino or sunglow?


can we see a top down view of it?

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Actually, I can’t call it, the pattern looks sunglow, but the borders on the tail pattern are slightly translucent.

I think I’ll retract my first guess and go with albino.

What was the snake sold as?

I’d say albino.

The white rings in the tail splotches are the biggest indicator. Hypo reduces that significantly.

Here’s a sunglow (I produced 12 years ago):

Sibling albinos:


She was sold as an albino poss jungle. Parents were hypo100% het Kahl x jungle 100% het Kahl. I just wasn’t sure if she was considered sunglow because she may have hypo gene. Either way I think she’s amazing just wonder how she will look as an adult. Her name is Peaches.


If she was sold as an albino poss jungle then she wouldn’t be a sunglow. And as an adult she will mostly be yellow with a possibility of some of the darker pigment maybe staying. They aren’t nearly as pretty/bright as adults.

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Is she Sharp or Kahl?

If she’s Kahl then, she’ll most likely yellow out, keeping only a little bit of red on her tail pattern.

Her parents were both het kahl so she is a kahl.

Beautiful snake, love albinism in boas