Albino Piebald Ball Python and Blue eyed Lucy?

I just recently got my first snake and he is a beautiful Albino piebald Ball python. My cousin has a female that is a real White blue eyed Lucy. We plan to breeed them when my boy gets big enough. What are the babies going to be like? will i get more Piebalds and lucys?? Thank you :))

Unfortunately you will not, as both piebald and albino are recessive traits. So the offspring will look like whatever morphs were used to make the BEL (Russo, Mojave, Butter, Lesser, etc as BELs can be made with a variety of morphs) and will be 100% het for both piebald and albino


Thanks for the fast reply. is the Bel going to be the female in this case? does that mean the babies if bread with an albino or piebald could then possibly have albino piebalds? Whats the best female to breed with my Albino piebald to make nice babies with his gene? :slight_smile:

So it doesn’t matter which is the female or male in this case as the offspring will be the same either way. Do you know what genes the BEL has in it? Lets suppose it’s from a butter x butter pairing for now.

Since the babies will be 100% het for both albino and piebald, if they are bred back to another snake containing albino and piebald, they have a chance at producing more albino piebalds.

If you breed the babies back to an albino piebald, this is what you should get:

If you breed the babies to each other, this is what you should get:

Basically the only way for you to get visual albino piebalds in the offspring is for both parents to have albino and piebald


so would you say my best bet to get the best offspring would be get a female albino piebald for my male? also… its not bad to breed father to daugher or brother to sister?? note: my cousin got the Bel off craigslist and cant figure out the parents. is albino piebald one of the best variations of coloring?

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I think this boils down to what do you want to make? Do you want more albino pieds or would you like to add more traits into the mix? What are your breeding goals down the line (beyond just this one clutch). Are you on a budget for how much you are willing to spend on this female? I think if it were my choice, I’d look into getting a female with a codominant trait like leopard or black pastel that is het for both albino and pied. Then you have the opportunity to make lots of cool combos down the line. Obviously this is super subjective, because everyone on here would probably have a different opinion of what strategy they would take.

As far as inbreeding, I’m probably not the best person to answer this, however it seems fairly common to do it for one, maybe two generations to try and prove out a trait. I wouldn’t do it repeatedly, but for a single cross it should be fine. I will be making a clutch of triple hets sometime in the next year or two and I will be breeding them brother to sister, however I will only be doing it for one generation. @t_h_wyman would be better able to answer whether this is an acceptable strategy

Any thoughts @eaglereptiles? I see you lurking :rofl:


Thank you once again for all the information. My goal is as you said, to get some cool colorings that will be safe for the snake and will use my males genes to the fullest. I am here for any advice. If you dont think a female pied is best and that I could get more spendy and pretty babies with a different female then i am all ears. what do you mean when you say female with codominant trait? throw some names for expensive morphs cause i dont even know them all. thanks :slight_smile:Albino pied

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In my opinion, adding any extra genes to a albino pied would prove pretty pointless and extremely hard to ID.

I would go for a black pastel double het albino pied to lower the chances of 3 gene visuals while also having a good shot at making both albino black pastels (high contrast) and black pastel pieds.

Each would be het for one another aswel which is a bonus.


Black pastel goes so well with both albino and pied, I definitely agree with you on that one!

A black pastel het pied het albino would probably end up being cheaper than a female albino pied from what I’m seeing, although it looks like there’s only a few on MM right now. Codominant traits are ones where one copy of the gene produces a visual morph (such as Mojave, Black Pastel, Fire, Spider, Spotnose, etc), where as recessive traits require two copies to produce a visual (Albino, Piebald, Clown, Axanthic, etc). Usually visual recessive morphs are more expensive than codominant morphs

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After doing a lot of research I have decided i may just get another albino pied. There is a breeder with a Candino 50% het pied. The morph calculator says it doesnt know how to calculate candino? How would a female like thats genes interact with my male?

A Candino is 100% het albino, 100% candy. So this snake basically has a 50% of also being het for pied (no guarantee).

So you have a 50% of getting this:

or this:


TH Wyman is having a particularly bad day today so he has not read through all of this and his answer may or may not change when he comes back around. He also apologizes in advance if he comes off as terse.

Inbreeding for a generation or two in balls is generally not much of an issue but I would still advocate outcrossing as much as possible. There is a very prevalent rumour in the hobby that balls frequently inbreed in the wild because they are sedentary but that is more an excuse to justify doing it and is not based on any actual science.

And I will buck the trend of recommending BlkPastel as an additive to a Pied project because BlkPastel tends to make very high-white, and not infrequently all-white, Pieds which to me kind of defeats the purpose of having Albino in there. Instead, I would go with morphs that push to reduce the amount of white in Pied like Enchi or Pinstripe. That gives you a lot more of the yellow/orange of the Albino while still retaining the white blotching of the Pied.

But that is just my take

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