Albino Pumpkin Pieds, at last!

Here it is, finally! :crazy_face::fire:

No. 2 of 3… just shed!
After a 7-8 year nightmare my Gods took petty on me. Behold:

1.0 Albino very pos. Yellow Belly Pied

The pairing would allow for a Pumpkin Albino Pied, but this one’s not quite as obvious (to me) as the first animal is. Okay, granted: going by colour intensity alone this shouldn’t be a real question, but… It’s almost as if there’s an additional OD been added.


Not only pumpkin, but you hit the :jack_o_lantern:!! Congrats, glad to see your hard work paid off.


That’s really nice. That orange color is super cool. Congrats,