Albino vs lavender albino

What is the best between Albino and lavander albino? And why?

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Neither is necessarily better, it’s completely a personal preference. If you’re trying to decide which one to work with, look at at good and bad examples of both morphs individually and then what they look like in combos with other genes to help you decide which you prefer


The bright whites of a baby lavender albino develop into faint purple lavender tones which helps hold better contrast into adulthood comparative to standard albinos, and looks super cool :). Lavender albinos are a little more expensive. An easy way to spot the difference is the eyes, standard albinos are much brighter red.


Albino. Because you can fold Candy into it and get Candino and then have three different palettes to play with. Where are Lavs you are stuck with just Lav


From a market perspective one could look at being allelic to candy/toffee as a negative because supply is more easily increased. Lav > Candy/Toffee > Rainbow > Albino is my personal order of favorites (need to see more from rainbow though) and while I’d get into pure candy combinations I doubt I’ll ever get into albino/candino projects.

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If it were me, I’d pick the (more valuable, less common) of the two to work with.

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I prefer the Candy/candinos over Lavender and Albino. This girl is right around 1400g now and very purple.