ALERT: New Mexico Animal Program Ban



Could “display” and “audience” include expos?

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That is ONE of the major problems with any kind of bans, it seems to be open to interpretation with regards to what constitutes in this case “displaying animals” the powers that be could decide really anything the want qualifies for the legislation. They always leave it as vague as possible with any new export bans or animal legislation to give them as much power as possible to dictate how they see fit. That is why even seemingly small or “not so bad” wildlife legislation needs to be stopped immediately. They always have some kind of agenda behind them, more then likely funded by special interest groups that SHALL NOT BE NAMED (Yes because they are as evil as voldemort!)
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Im guessing they may be concerned about certain animals escaping captivity and creating havoc in the ecosystem. Another possibility is that they’re trying to protect endangered species from being removed from their natural environment. You could ( im just guessing here) possibly register as a breeder of endangered species to help grow the population. I would like to think they’d want you to be able to return some to their environment. Im an animal lover too, and have always been fascinated with reptiles. I used tovcatch snakes and frogs when i was a kid. My favorite thing i did back in the 80s was to help my mom and her friend get our Friends of Animal’s (FOA) off the ground. We did pretty good for 2 or 3 decades, but it collapsed when my mom and her friend grew too old to do be involved enough to see what was going on. It was in Carlton County, Minnesota if you want to look it up.I wish I could have been more involved, but i had little ones and a job.I could have saved them a lot of money if they listened to what i told my mom to tell the person making decisions. What a moron to vaccinate, neuter, deflea, deworm, and last but, WHY NOT FIRST!!! They would test it for feline leukemia. Now they have a neutered, vaccinated, flea and worm free cat that needs to be put down. My mom saved some, a small percentage can be carrier’s but dont get physically sick. She set up a separate room with the bleach soaked towel footbath and hand sanitizer near the entrance. She even had a little outdoor screen house built for them. I love my mom. She’s in her higher 90s now, still pretty sharp. Her mom and dad passed 100 before they left us. So im just an animal lover and love the pics and what you’re doing, but I think there’s many like me who want legislation to protect what our species hasnt destroyed. It would be a good point in advertising if you did join a group, or whatever you’d call it if there is one. When people see your ads that mention you’re helping endangered species, they might be more likely to choose you to buy a pet from. I know a lot of zoos are doing it. Have you heard of the ( oops,I cant think of the river) spray toad? OMG! They did such a cool thing. I’m pretty sure it was the Bronx zoo. A dam was built which stopped the waterfall from spraying the fine mist where the toads lived. They had beautiful chirping voices that got fainter, and fainter. When they heard about it they went to that rivers waterfall area where the toads were dying off and collected enough to have a good breeding program. They had to do a lot of stuff to come up with the right conditions. They used ones that were sent ahead so they would have it down before they went on their expedition to save the toads. Did i mention the fact that they live in only the one location? It was an arduous trek, carrying the special containers they would survive in, and carrying them back. The adult toads are tiny. If i recall they dont cover the same surface as a dime.I know they’re tiny. Sorry for running on. I was very active before i fell hard with COPD. I cant do much and dont have a lot of people to talk to. Its usually someone asking for help. Anyway,I hope the thing you’re worried about doesn’t hurt your situation, and if anything I said helps you and or animals, thats great . Good luck, animal lover, Donna

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