Alerts for specific filters in market place [DUPLICATE]

Something I would find useful is alerts for when animals fitting specific filter conditions appear in the market. For example if I was looking for a pastel pied adult female, if someone posts a snake fitting those conditions I would get an email alert maybe even with the link to the posting.
Is this reasonable given the resources available to morphMarket at the moment?


Hey Tallise :wave: welcome to the community.

This is something that is actually in the pipeline…



Wow! Thank you! <3

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No problem at all :blush:

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Is there a feature that notifies me when an animal with certain traits is added?

If not i would like to see this feature added


I think it would be awesome to have a “Searching For” Feature were you could type in what genes you are looking for such as [Yellowbelly] [Spotnose] [Fire] [Clown] and whenever a NEW animal is Posted with ALL of the genes selected you immediately get an email or notification. There is nothing worse than looking out for a Specific Animal and when you finally find one it is already on Hold or Sold.

I’m Sure everyone would Love this Feature!

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Already a thread for that, there’s an Alerts feature on the way.


Nice! Hope They Add A Feature like this Soon. :metal:



I have a feature suggestion. Not sure if its been made before. I looked around and didn’t see it.

It would be cool to be able to post “Wanting to Buy” ads or something similar.

It would make it easier to place an ad for an animal that may be difficult to get a hold of.


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As a buyer, I’ve tried posting wanted ads on other sites (never even looking for anything uncommon) and have never had anyone contact me. For whatever reason, I just don’t think most sellers go looking for buyers. I don’t mind the idea of a wanted section, but I personally have never had luck with that type of posting.

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Hi Erik,
Welcome to the community :blush:

At the moment this isn’t something we are working towards, however we have a features planned that would serve the same purpose… but better.