All of my snakes!

Just thought I’d show off all my snakes!

This is Ember she is a fire pied het anery and pos het hypo.

This is Magmar the newest snake to the collection! Hes is a bloodred pied het anery and hypo.

This is pebbles. They are an amel tessera het caramel and diffused pos het hypo and motley.

This is Bambam they are a Amel het caramel and diffused pos het hypo and motley.

This is crimson he is a Amel sunglow masque.

This is Amber shes a normal corn snake and also my first snake!

This is cindy she is a reverse okeetee with unknown hets.

This is soot hes a charcoal.

This is snowy hes a snow

This is Silk shes a spider ball python.

This is speckles hes a banana cinnamon.

This is groot hes a pastel pinstripe GHI.

This is chokey hes het diffused and charcoal.

And here is Saffron she is a bloodred pied pos het hypo and scaleless.

And just for fun here’s a picture of a cat in a tub lol!


My goodness! I love the red! My favorite :star_struck:.


Me too. I think she’s my fave! Very nice collection!


Thanks! The seller i got her from also gave me a picture of her mum.

Edit: next year she will be 3 years old as well as magmar so ill be pairing them together! Hoping she proves out to be het hypo since a hypi granite pied would be nice! If not all the babies should still be bloodred pieds and very red ones too!


Come on! Do it right! If you’re gonna keep cats in a rack system at least use Christmas tree storage bin sized ones!:joy:
Seriously though I agree 1000% with @lumpy that fire pied is so very good!! My favorite hands down!!


@shadowspiderjack You have some gorgeous and I mean gorgeous snakes! I am going to be different though because I think the little spider guy is so cute! But my favorite is “The cat in the box!”

Or is it “The cat in the hat?” Or is it “The jack in the box?” :thinking::blush::+1:


Very nice, very nice, loving all of the snakes. But the cat in a tub steals the show!