All pages showing no results...? [FIXED]

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Summary of the issue:

       All methods of searching and browsing for animals are returning no results.

Expected results:

      Normal pages of the available ads.

Actual results:

       A page claiming no results.

Links to pages the bug is affecting:

When did you first notice it?:

      Today, within the hour.

Steps to reproduce the problem?:

      Any method for searching or browsing ads.

Is this happening on the website, app or both?:

      Don't have the app, not sure.

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About your device

      Multiple devices Windows 10 and Android. Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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I just messaged about this.
Click location and choose one…
Seems I can now see them :sweat_smile:


Yeah we bust something with a update :upside_down_face: All should be good now :blush:

Thank you both!!