All white or All black

So i was thinking if the community has a specif way it leans towards on the topic of solid Black or White snake or lizards. So please vote, and lets review the Sat’s

  • All Black
  • All White

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I think the data would be affected with ball python keepers voting because some combos have defects but that’s a whole other discussion but just wanted people to keep that in mind.

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sorry i didn’t know that there are certain ones that cause defects. i mean i have heard of super cinnamon not viable morph. is that what you mean?

Melanism is definitely something I like more than leucism or albinism. There are many forms of melanism that don’t cause defects in many animals. Though I don’t know if mutations in BPs that makes them black/dark brown are melanism, but Suma BPs are healthy and so far without problems so we still have a good dark combo.

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Yeah morphs such as those tend to have a much higher chance of deformities and it’s fine if you weren’t aware I just thought I’d mention it for everyone else not familiar with ball python morphs. I voted for white just because it was far more viable to produce a white snake than a black one as far as ball pythons go.