Allelic Possible Traits [Half-Done]

Currently, if you search for “Piebald” “Yellow Belly” “Gravel” you get results that are described as “Yellow Belly” OR “Gravel”. This kind of “this trait” or “this allelic trait” comes up all the time with highways, freeways, vanilla screams, etc. We should have some way to represent snakes that have this either/or feature and search for just highways.

I realize this would not be an easy feature to add on. A “trait” would no longer be a simple string but it would be an allele with percentages attached to each possible allelic trait. On the other hand, explicitly encoding alleles might allow for a better way of representing possible hets. For example, the piebalds listed above could be represented internally as [ ( (100 % piebald),(100%piebald) ), ( (50% yellow belly, 50% gravel), (100%normal) )] where each element in brackets is a pair of alleles, and each element within the allele shows the probability of each trait. A 66% het could be [ ((66.7% piebald, 33.3%normal),(100% normal) )].


This was edited to add “Done”. How can I represent an animal that is either “Fire” or “Vanilla”?

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This should only have been marked as “half done”…


I don’t really use the calculator much since I daydream in fractions, but what the calculator is doing now isn’t quite what I had in mind. It produces outputs just fine:

But if I hatched that clutch, and I wanted to use the calculator with one of my single gene babies as input, it doesn’t let me put in all the information I know about it. The calculator is a great place to experiment with the interface for representing those animals before making it a feature for listing and searching for animals.