Allelic Recessive listing suggestion (possibly for Inc Dom) [1053][Done]

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a way to break the genetics down on a het that was produced from an allelic recessive pairing in the marketplace. For instance, if someone has a produced an animal from a Crypton x Normal the animals are 100% het Clown or Cryptic. The listing shows the animal as being 100% het for both which I can see how someone could be easily confused by this. Idk if it would be overkill to do it for the allelic incomplete dominants as well. Maybe color coding signifying “this or that”? Not sure what the best course of action is for this, I’m just thinking about how we can continue to improve the shopping experience. I hope the way this is written makes sense :joy:. Thanks for reading.



Ah, this is where the confusion lies…
Crypton is het Clown + het Cryptic.

A Cyrpton X Normal would result in the whole clutch being 50% het Clown and 50% het Cryptic…
Which is correctly calculated…

Imagine it as two separate 100% het X normal pairings.

I understand how it works. But when it’s listed 50% het clown 50% het cryptic it looks the same as say 50% het clown 50% het pied.

Het Clown Het Pied x Normal is different than a Crypton x Normal. This logic will have them listed the same though.

The babies from the Crypton x Normal are going to have a 100% chance at being het for either Clown OR Cryptic.

The babies from a DH Clown pied x Normal have a different distribution to where they could be DH, single het, or not het at all.


This same issue happens with Candino. @john has mentioned that it is a quirk of the programing of the algorithm.


Correct, was just wondering if it had been looked into yet. Thanks.

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