Alloy Founder

Just trying to get Alloy added to our pages as the founders, we founded the gene in 2009. We are listed on WOBP as the founders! Thanks

Current information
Species: Ball Python
Name of Gene: Alloy

Genetics Type : INCDOM
In complex with other genes?: None aware of
Other names/aliases for it?:
Description: A Lightening Gene and blushout the super is very orange
Related Genes:
Problems: Any problems?


Hey @sloanreptiles we are just missing Single gene pictures and History from the Morphpedia article, which once published will add the Founder badge to your store.


Hey There! So sorry I will upload those pictures shortly. And update the history

Thanks so Much

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Im sorry if Iā€™m being dumb, do I edit the history here or on that link? Do I just reply to that thread for history?

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This is the one. Just add any info and pictures in the morphpedia thread and the editors will make the changes :wink: